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Custom Basics

$70.00 USD
  • 8mm Marble (dyed) and Glass (orange bracelet only) beads
  • Finished off with Metal-plated components made in the USA
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty covering any major damages
  • Handmade in Las Vegas

Ever wanted a bracelet in a specific color, or made with a specific type of metal, but couldn’t find anything close? Have you ever found a design that was almost perfect, but just wish you could change it up a little bit?

Well, now you can.

Here, you can choose not only the color or your bracelet, but the components to go along with it as well, making for a bracelet not only unique to you, but designed by you as well.

*Note: Due to their handmade nature, and the natural differences between individual beads, no two pieces of jewelry will be exactly the same.

Custom Basics

$70.00 USD