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Our Charities


With the purchase of any one of our Mainline pieces, we donate 10% of proceeds (as well as 100% of the profits from every piece in our "For A Better Tomorrow" collection) to charities relating to each design. Here's a list of current and past charities we've donated to:



"...we are the voice of America’s national parks, working to protect and preserve our nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for present and future generations."

To shop bracelets that support the NPCA, click here.


"We work collaboratively with communities to reduce direct threats to reefs in ways that provide lasting benefits to people and wildlife. In parallel, CORAL is actively expanding the scientific understanding of how corals adapt to climate change and applying this information to give reefs the best chance to thrive for generations to come."

To shop bracelets that support CORAL, click here.


"An independent, global movement providing medical aid where it’s needed most."

To shop bracelets that support Doctors Without Borders, click here.


 "Our Mission is to unite science, innovation, and people to protect the western Amazon – the greatest wild forest on Earth."

To shop bracelets that support the ACA, click here.


"Join us on the front line as we save wildlife, restore what was lost, and protect and future-proof Australia."

 To shop bracelets that support WWF's Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund, click here.


"The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. is America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice."

To shop bracelets that support the NAACP LDF, click here.


"...a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election and close the race and age voting gap by changing the culture around voting, harnessing grassroots energy, and through strategic partnerships to reach every American."



"To provide wholesome food to hungry people, while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community." We combine food banking (warehousing canned and boxed goods), food rescue (obtaining surplus or unused meats, bread, dairy and produce from hospitality and grocery outlets) and ready-to-eat meals to be the most complete food solution for Southern Nevada."


"Empowering the world’s citizens to advance space science and exploration."

To shop jewelry that supports The Planetary Society, click here.



"You will support critical relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of devastating BC wildfires in Lytton - and in other communities as more wildfires will be a reality in the Summer months to come."

To shop bracelets that support UWBC, click here.



"You deserve a welcoming, loving world.

And so do the people you care about. Here you can reach out to a counselor if you’re struggling, find answers and information, and get the tools you need to help someone else."

To shop bracelets that support The Trevor Project, click here.


"The ACLU dares to create a more perfect union — beyond one person, party, or side. Our mission is to realize this promise of the United States Constitution for all and expand the reach of its guarantees."

To shop bracelets that support the ACLU, click here.


"In response to the devastating wildfires on Maui, we are working to support affected communities through the Maui Strong Fund, providing resources for disaster response and recovery."

To shop bracelets that support the HCF, click here.


If you’d like to learn more about the ideologies we believe in, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about the story behind the brand, click here.