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Our Story

Hello and welcome:

We are, also known by our full name as “Tales of the Observers”. We are a small group of individuals, made up of designers, photographers, writers, and other such creatives, who have been brought together to take on the moniker of “The Observers”. And we, as The Observers, have decided to combine our particular areas of expertise to help create unique, handmade, and story-driven products for like-minded people.

Who exactly are “The Observers”?

Simply put, The Observers are a collective who live only by one distinct motto:

"Be aware of the world around you."

This means that we are the type of people who tend to see the things that go unnoticed, that are tucked away, or otherwise hidden from the rest of the world. In fact, we may even go out of our way, or off the beaten path, to look for these things, searching for whatever’s out there that may satiate our curiosity. We try our best to seek out the odd, the interesting, the alluring, and anything else that may catch our eyes.

But do not fear, as this by no means is meant to be an exclusive club. Anybody who explores, or takes the road less traveled, anyone who notices the smaller, finer details in life, be it the designs of a piece of clothing, an element in the architecture of a building, the way that a photograph was framed, or anything else along similar lines. Even those who do nothing more than point out what they see in everyday life, that they find appealing or different from the norm, all of these people could just as easily carry the title of The Observers as well.

What we do:

We here, at, have decided to make jewelry that goes well beyond the means of your normal, everyday accessories. At first look, our pieces may seem similar in concept, albeit a little more colorful, to many of the other ornaments you see on the market today. But once you get a chance to look at them a bit longer, inspect their details a little more closely, you’ll finally start to understand what we’re trying to accomplish in our designs. It may have something to do with the shape or size of the beads, or the way they or their colors interact with one another, or it may just be a completely different element entirely. But in the end, our pieces have something different, something unique, something that sets them apart from everything else out there. And we’re always searching for the most interesting gems, shells, and other exceptional materials we can find to make this possible.

And even though we already put a lot of time and effort into creating each and every piece, we still felt like there was more we could do more to make these designs feel special, more one of a kind. So, as a final complement, every one of our mainline works comes with a name, and a story, regarding their origins as well.

Though brief in length, every story that goes along with each piece will help to paint a scene, a picture, or maybe even recall a similar memory, as to why they look the way they do. This is meant to show that, although still unique and beautiful on their own, these are not just simple accessories, they are far more than that. What you’re wearing is the representation of a thought, a memory, an image, or a view of somewhere or something wonderful from our world, captured down into material form.

So once again, welcome:

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about us here at, and that some of the thoughts behind our products and ideologies sound interesting to you. So, for those of you who have been following us for a while, those of you who are already observers in your own right, but have yet to walk along one of our many paths, and even those of you who are still on road to becoming observers all your own…

We look forward to all of you joining us someday soon.

And maybe, sometime in the future, when a fellow observer points out that interesting accessory you’re wearing, asking you more about it, you’ll be able to explain just a bit more than they were expecting, opening them up to new worlds, to new tales...

Tales of the Observers.


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